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PC Gamer Quiz!

Being a true 'gamer' doesn't just mean you play games; it means that you value true craftsmanship and skill, and you care more about your rig than you do your own body.


Which game was just released (11 November 2011) by Bethesda Softworks?



What does RAM stand for?



Which of the following do you want to see when you join a Multiplayer game of Battlefield 3?



What client do games such as Skyrim, Team Fortress 2, and Portal 2 launch through?



In the case that you find your computer overheating while playing games, what is the ideal solution to solve this?



What is Razer's slogan?



In which case would you program a macro key?



What recording program do most game commentators use?



You find that you often move your mouse at the last second and missing your targets in FPS games. What do you want to do to fix this?



If you were to overclock, what would you need to do to compensate for the stress that comes along with doing so?


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