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Would you survive the kitten apocolypse?

This test can tell you if the inevitable has happened. Kittens would take over the world someday, or at least attempt, we knew that. That much cuteness in one little thing could never be good.


If a kitten begins meowing to your fresh baked muffins, what do you do?



When you walk outside, you see a group of about 20 kittens. They instantly turn their heads towards you.
What do you do!?



You bite into some fresh baked blueberry muffins.
THEY TASTE AWFUL! What do you do?



A gang of muffins are on you, smothering you. What shall you do!?



Mice are all over! They are eating all the muffins!



Kittens ask you to join their forces.
They say: "Together, we'd be unstoppable!"
What is your response?



A kitten is being nice to you. Eventually she says that she hates the idea of taking over the world! What do you do?



Your surrounded. You ARE going to die. No questions asked.



Supposing you chose to be a slave to the last question.
The war has ended, the kittens rule the world now.
Your owner tells you to go fetch him some milk.



Supposing the world is back to war.
What is your weapon of choice?


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