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Are you a scaredy cat or not???

If your scared of films like Sleeping Beauty there is no point of you taking this test........... but if your not scared then get ready to find out if your a scaredy cat or not????


BOOO!!! If someone said that to you would you jump or scream???



Do you get scared during harry potter films??



Have you ever had popcorn at the movies and somethings made you jump and you have spill the popcorn everywhere??? :)



Have you ever had to hide under the covers during a twilight saga film??? :|



Do you ever get scared when there is noises in the middle of the night???



Are you scared of the dark??? ( pitch black ) :(



If your parents asked you to go down to the bottom of the garden to do a small favour and it was really dark would you do it?



What do you think makes a scary film scary???



Have you ever got scared during a scary story that one of your friends have told you ???? ...........



Do you think your a scardey cat or not???


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