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Random Scenarios

My test will give you strange scenarios, and you must decide how you would act in these scenarios. Your choices will tell you how weird you are.


You see a strange girl walking down the street, wearing a glittery sequin shirt. What do you do?



You are walking down a dark alley when Justin Bieber walks out of the shadows and offers you some Tootsie Rolls. What do you do?



You see Barney skipping to your front door. He rings the doorbell and asks you if you want to buy some girl scout cookies. What do you do?



At school/work a man comes up to you dressed as a chicken. He asks you to give him all your money. What do you do?



You are looking out the window and you see a group of flying monkeys on the horizon. What do you do?



You're walking down the street when a snowman walks up and hugs you. What do you do?



A duck walks up to you and starts attacking you. How do you respond?



A pink bunny is in your yard. It's very cute and fluffy. But... a bird flies over its head. The bunny leaps into the air and swallows the bird in one gulp. It turns to face the house. What do you do?



You are at the grocery store when a Ferrari convertible breaks through the front doors. It's driven by Elmo, with Darth Vader riding shotgun. How do you react?



Voldemort is sitting next to you on an airplane. He's wearing a long black cloak and is twirling a wand. What do you do?


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