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Would U survive a school assassin? part1

This is part one of you trying to survive a school assassin. Bugy;) ft. Christopher:)


Just another normal, boring day at school. You wish there would be more excitement in math class.- What was that? A gun shot! No one hears the shot but you. What do you do?



Moments after you heard the gunshot, the principal announces a lock down. You and some friends decide to form a group. What now?



You all agree to hide out in the class for a while, except one dude, Joe, who is desperately trying to get out. But the teacher won't let him. Any thoughts?



All of a sudden, your teacher falls to the floor, as the sound of smashing glass tremors through the class. She was shot. The assassin is ironically right outside your window, trying to get in. What now?



You decide to to venture somewhere else with the group, but you notice something... One of your friends are missing. What now?



You guys decide to hide in the music room (next to class) behind some storage near the door. The assassin comes in, hood over his head, and goes to the other side of the room.



A friend of yours, idiotically banged their head on a symbol, while trying to dash solo. They then fell into plain sight on the floor, knocked out. The assassin is coming your way.



The assassin walks over, inspects the body, and finds you anyways. He pulls you all out of hiding, and closes the door. Last words/actions/anything?



Miraculously, the person flips off their hood. (So you THOUGHT it was the assassin) IT'S YOUR MISSING FRIEND RICKY! Reactions?



Ricky joins your group. But then you remember about Michael. You guys just can't leave him here! You have to hide him. Where?


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