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Greek Mythology quick Quiz

I will give you some information about a figure from Greek Mythology and you will guess which one I am talking about. It is short but tricky. You will recceive a mythic ranking at the end, enjoy!


I am the titan goddess of wisdom. My daughter by Zeus is the goddess of wisdom, Athena. Zeus swallowed me whole, after recceving a prophecy that our child would overthrow him. Who am I?



During the trojan war, Athena put Strength and courage into my heart, allowing me to kill many Trojans and wound Aphrodite with my spear. My father was Tydeus. Who am I?



I am the Goddess of marriage and women. During the Trojan war I defeated Artemis with the utmost ease. I am also know for tormenting Heracles, who was the product of my unfaithful husband's affair. Who am I?



I am a very powerful God. I create earthquakes, among a laundry list of other disasters, earning me the nickname the earthshaker. I also created the first horse in an attempt to woo dementer. Who am I?



I defeated the Theban Sphinx and married my mother. Who am I?



I am a hunter. One day, while traveling through the forest, I came across artemis and her nymphs bathing in a spring. As punishment for seeing the maiden goddess in this way, she turned me into a deer and had my hounds rip me to pieces. Who am I?



I am a son of Poseidon, and earned my glory by descending into the labyrinth and slaying the minotaur. Who am I?



I am the child and one of the companions of Ares. My name means strength. Who am I?



I am a sculptor. For a while I lost interest in women, but then I made a beautiful ivory statue. I fell in love with my statue. Aphrodite eventually took pity on me and turned her into a real woman. Who am I?



I am the son of Hera and Zeus. I am the only physically unattractive god, with a lame leg. I make up for it with my skills in craftsmanship.


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