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NationStates Regional Categories

The categories have been arranged on a neat Ideocube, but you'd have to visit NATIONSTATES.NET to see them. Hint. Hint.


Vigilante Watchdogs sit at your regional borders with lawnchairs, coffee and firearms. Is this okay?



A lethal flu virus is expected to cross the regional borders in the next few days. What shall you do?



Is a passport necessary to travel into the region?



Is interregional fishing boundaries a smart idea?



Bigtopia had a terrible year for crops and is in the middle of a famine. However Maxtopia had a fantastic year and has grown a surplus of crops. What shall the delegate do?



One of the diplomats is a little too liberal for the rest of parliament. What shall you do?



Is free trade applied in the region?



An interregional railroad is suggested by a diplomat. It appears to be a good idea for trade. Your opinion?



One nation will not trade its rare and exquisite basket weavings. A diplomat has a radical plan involving Opium, addiction, and eventually trade.



Religious advisors of different religions are attending the same regional assembles, some conflicts arouse.




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