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The Hardest Twilight Quiz Ever!

Think you are a real twilight fan? Psh!! Ya right!! Only if you can get a 100 on this test. And if you do than either you took it so many times that you memorized the answers or you looked in the book for all the answers. Good luck, you'll need it. Hey, remember, this quiz is about the book Twilight, NOT the movie Twilight. And by the way the book is so much better than the movie and I am talking by far. Before I go, I want to give a big shout out to all the boys who read Twilight and Phillip Batton, for being the only guy at Vallivue Middle School to read Twilight all the way through. Plus, a smaller shout out to Andrew McCollough for trying. Have Fun, don't get too mad when you fail this quiz and realize that you are so not the biggest Twilight fan, and make sure your brain doesn't explode from all the thinking you do. NO USING THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Mike and Jessica had thier first date on a



Name the color of his shirt and the color of his jacket when Bella and Edward are at the resturaunt.



In the tidal pools, Bella sees



The hostess at the restraunt



How did Mike found out that Bella and Edward were a couple?



Billie tells Jacob to go get what out of the trunk?



To get to Edward's house, you



Fill in the blank. " The long hall at the top of the stairs was paneled with _____________ , the same as the floorboards.



The first night Edward stays, (and she knows about it) what does Bella have for dinner?



Bella's hair is ________________ when she goes to see Edward's family.


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