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The Star Trek Ship Test

Well, this is my First Test, so take it easy. This Test will Test your knowledge of Star Fleet Star Ships. From Akira, to Defiant. If their is any misspelling, you can blame me, but don't comment me telling me about it, i know it is misspelled.


Here is a easy one, What class of ship is the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D



Ok, a little harder. What Class is the USS Voyager NCC 74656?



HARD ONE! What Class is the USS Yeager?



What Class is the Defiant? (Easy)



Ok, this one is a little harder. In Star Trek: First Contact, a ship at the battle of Sector 001 (the borg cube) was not from star trek, it was from another movie. What movie was it from?



How many starships from TOS-DS9 Had the Name, USS Defiant



Name the Three Federation Starship Classes in Star Trek Voyager "Message in a Bottle".



HARD one: What class is the USS Thunderchild?



What Class is the USS Rio Grande



True or False, Did the USS Defiant get destroyed during the Dominon war?


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