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Pee scenarios!

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You’re on a public bus which is moderately crowded. You have to pee really bad. Every time the bus jerks a tiny drop comes out. You still are still forty minutes away from your destination. What do you do?



You’re hanging out with your crush late at night. They offer to buy you a drink, but you really need to pee. If you go toilet first, the store will close. What do you do?



You’re at a carnival. There is a water drinking contest and the winner will get $100. However, there are no toilets nearby. You have to pee quite a bit already. What do you do?



You’re walking in the woods with a small group. You have been ignoring a growing urge to pee and now it’s really bad. On your left is a stream which is making you need to pee even more. The next toilet is in several kilometres. What do you do?



You are attending a concert, which is of your favourite singer. You really need to pee. The concert is ending in ten minutes, but if you wait until then, there will be a long queue at the toilet. What do you do?



You are playing a try not to pee challenge with your friend. You each take turns spinning a wheel of dares. You are now both on the verge of wetting your pants. It is your turn and your dare is to sit on the toilet with your pants on for two minutes. What do you do?



You are at a crowded beach and you really have to pee. You don’t have your swimsuit. There are no toilets nearby. What do you do?



You are staying in a hotel room alone and you really need to pee. However, the toilet is broken. There are no toilets at the lobby. What do you do?



You are on an airplane. You really need to pee. However, there is now turbulence and the plane is shaking, making you leak a bit. What do you do?



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