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Am I fat?

Some info about me: I'm 14, I think I'm fat, but I like it and want to gain more. I have a few fat friends (one of which I have seen their stomach) and think it's really cool! They asked me to gain with them and I said yes. They are 5ft 8 and weigh 165lbs, but I'm only 5ft 6 and weigh 156lbs. My goal is to be at least 200lbs. In the past year I've gained 57lbs and have gotten 2 inches taller. My friends goal is to become 250lbs and for me to reach that with him. He also thinks when we're older we should both become morbidly obese and move in together and get some feeders, I'm not too keen on that idea and want to feed myself. My line is obesity and I am hesitant to gain over 80lbs. Please let me know and help me decide!


I'm 5ft 6 and weigh 156lbs. What is that?



According to my bmi I'm in the 97th centile, which is very overweight. What is that?



My waist circumference is 42 inches (106 centimetres). What is that



When sat I have 3 fat rolls (2 big, 1 small). What is that? (Sorry the pic is upside down, I don't know how to change it)



I last wore my jeans 8 months ago. Tried them on today and can't get them over my thighs. What is that?



My thighs have a circumference of 24.5 inches (60 centimetres).



My family say I need to lose weight, because I'm 'too' fat, but I want to gain. What do you think I should become? My body my choice.



Now some more info: Last Christmas (11 months ago) my grandparents got me some XL youth 12-14 Tops. I wore them once and found them uncomfortable. About a month ago I tried them on again because I was seeing my grandparents and I knew they would like to see me in the clothes they got me. I put it on and it only got half way down my torso, I managed to squeeze it on, but it was extremely tight and my belly hung out the bottom. I went to a shop to try on some new clothes (my grandparents are very picky, so I had to get smart stuff). I tried to get on some shirts that were one size up from the previous tops, but I couldn't button it up. I ended up getting medium male jeans and a shirt. We were having a 3 course meal, so I brought a belt to hold up the jeans as I knew I could loosen it. I had a starter, I had a starter, a main that was meant to be shared all on my own. At this point I was bloated and was struggling to eat any more, but I can't deny pudding. I had a big pudding and then my belt ran out of settings. I had to go to the bathroom and tighten up the elastic buttons on the inside and when I came back, I sat down and the inside buttons popped, because I did them too tight. I was so bloated that I struggled to walk and by belly was so tight it was like a rock. Opinions?



What should I do?



This was my first quiz, how was it? No affect.



Thanks for taking my quiz!


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