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What Warrior Cat Are You?

Welcome to this quiz. It includes cats from up to The Broken Code: The Place of No Stars. I am not Erin Hunter. I do not own warriors, and I do not make any money from this quiz.


How important is it to follow the rules?



Are you more just or merciful



What do you like to do in your spare time?



A silver StarClan cat comes to you in a dream and says, " 'Insert prefix of your warrior name here' will save the clan." How do you react?



Your favorite ice cream/ other dessert shop closed. What do you do?



Would you explore an underground tunnel if you fiund one under your neighborhood?



If youand a cat from another clan were in love, would you become mates?



Would you rathet be a warrior or a medicine cat?



If you saw a flaming house on private propery full of people, what would you do?



Some of the people in this house are your best friend, your Grandmother, and your best friend's sister, and your baby brother. They were all at band practice. Your baby brother is there because your Grandmother is watching him. What do you do? It is still private property.


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