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embarassing sanerios! (includes pee)

i hope you enjoy! and thanks 4 taking this test☆☆☆


ur driving in ur car but u really gotta poo. but 4 some reason the police are after u an ur driving from em so u cant stop 4 the bathroom. wyd



u are changing in ur room when u suddenly really have 2 pee. wyd



ur at the beach an u go 2 the bathroom but they are all in use except 4 one but its discusting and u dont wanna use it. wyd



ur in ur friends car who is gone but will be back soon but u have 2 poo an pee.wyd



u are taking a bath that is perfectly warm, but u forgot 2 pee before. wyd



u are on ur bed which is so comfy but u gotta pee now unforunately ur sibling is using the toilet and wont be out in a while. wyd?



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ur on ur deck and u have a sudden urge 2 pee. but u relized that u locked urself outside. wyd?



ur at the mall and u gotta poo/pee, but all the bathrooms are in use. wyd



thanks 4 taking this test! which test should i make next? (does not effect score


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