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I will make you poop your pants!

If you don't like this kind of stuff, then don't take this quiz. Also, for you, the true divine quiz-takers, here is the long description:
You. Will. Probably. Poop. Your. Pants.


Do you like desperation/poo-morashi (omutsu)? Also, this won't affect your answer, fyi.



How hard do you need to go #2?



What I want you to do now, is to perform 5 deep squats, and when you're done, squat and push a teensy weensy bit. How are your turds doing?



Now, sit on a chair. Relax, think of chocolate ice cream - nice, mushy, and slushy. Relax all your muscles. How strong is your urge now..? 😏



Now, do 10 squats, each deeper and slower than the last. Make sure to push at the end of each one! How strong is THE urge, now???



Now, sit on the toilet and put on some jeans that will press on your stomach, preferably 3 cm (about 3 finger widths, actually) below your bellybutton. Push for 5 seconds while on the toilet. How strong is your urge to go #2 now?



Now, take off your jeans and slightly take off your underwear, diaper (whatever you have down there, idc) so that (if you wish) you can still poop your pants. Try pushing for 5 seconds now. How strong is the urge?



I want you to sit still on a flat surface for 20 seconds without moving ANYTHING. Also, no sitting on your hands or digging in THAT SPOT. How much do you need to go, now?



Drop a small load; teensy weensy! Could you stop it?



So.. did you like this quiz? (won't affect answer)


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