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Are You Good At Literature?

This quiz has 10 questions. Each question will be in a multiple choice answer format. Except for the last three which will be Fact or Opinion and Formal or Informal. Good luck!


Sally and Bob walk down a road. They meet someone named Ron, who did NOT meet Ron? (Easy)



When Greta went to find Sara, her sister, she went missing. Greta found a rope, cards, and a rubber duck. What item is most likely the reason Sara is gone? (Easy)



Maria cried over seeing a text from Ryan saying they should break up. Velma disagrees saying that Michael sent a email to Maria instead of Ryan. Who is right? (Pay close attention: Medium)



Red and Aaron walk to the school each wearing the same brand of shoes. Mia and Aaron have the same colored shoes. Who has the more specific classification of shoes? (Medium)



Martha meets a dog she named Gina. Gina walks down the road to find their real owner: Lavender. Martha argues that Gina is the real owner since she found her, but Lavender was the one who got her first. Who is it? (Easy)



Alan has a twin, Mason. Rick has a twin, Lisa. Lisa has a twin, Cara. Cara might have a twin. Who does not have a twin? (Easy)



Salam had a purple necklace. Rivera has a blue one. But Aria has a smooth one. Which one has no specific color? (Easy)



Fact or Opinion: “I knew my dad was the best there was!”



Fact or Opinion: “I know for a fact that my mom is the best mom ever!”



Formal or Informal: “I’m gonna go bowl with my friends”. “The sun is our star”. “Let’s hope we will win class president!”. Which sentence is informal? (Difficult)


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