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Do you think i'm fat?

I already know i'm pretty fat, but i want to see what other people besides my family think i am. Please answer the questions truthfully and don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings if you call me obese or fat. If you have questions or suggestions for me and my weight, feel free to email me: rubixcubeguy 1234@gmail.com THERE IS NO SPACE IN THE EMAIL. This website just won't let me type my full email. So make sure to join the 2 together.


To start off, I'm 13, a male, 5ft 7in, and weigh 205 pounds, what am I? (there's a picture above of me)



I have 1 very large fat roll, and then 1 really small one under my moobs, what is this?



I eat 3 meals and a large snack a day. The total calories i eat a day is around 2800. What am I?



My bmi is 32.1 and my body fat percentage 47% what is this?



I only exercise once a week. What am I?



95% of the day i'm inside and usually using my computer. The amount of screen time i have is usally 6 - 8 hours a day. What am I



My shirt size is a adult large and my waist is 43 inches. What am I?



if i go to grab my fat on my sides, i can grab a whole handful. I measured and theres 2 inches of fat on my sides before you can feel my waist. What am i?



After my lunch everyday, i usually eat cookies, candy, and/or other sweets. After my dinner everyday, i usually eat a large bowl of ice cream with toppings, what am I?



When i sit down, my moobs stick about 2 and 1/4 inches over my belly. What am I?



Do you think i should gain weight, lose weight, or stay the same?



Last question, did you enjoy this quiz?


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