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Abdl Interactive Story

This was mostly for fun. Warning contains diapers and their use. After reading the next part of the story(question), select your choice(answer) and read what's after the choice.


It's a normal day, you just ate lunch, your mom enters the room and says to you "can you come here for a sec?" You follow her, she leads you to your room. When you enter she says that she has to go on a trip for work, and so does your father and you can't go with them. So they've called a babysitter to take care of you. (let's say you're 12 btw). You'll have to go to the babysitter's house though. What do you do?



Your parents drop you off at the babysitter's house. They say goodbye and leave. You are greeted by the babysitter (we'll say her name is Sam). She shows you your room there where you'll spend the next few days. "I don't normally have kids your age, and I haven't in so long that I wasn't prepared." She says as you see your room is a nursery for babies, yet somehow larger objects. What do you do?



A while later you've been watching tv (mostly kid shows) with the other kids she's taking care of. It's pretty late now and she says to all of you, "alright kids, get ready for bed and line up to get diapered." You see the other kids get up and get clothes from their rooms and Sam walks over to you and says "You can go get dressed for bed, then come back in here." So you walk back to your room and get dressed and walk back into the room to see the other kids lined up in front of a changing table, you see the first kid in line hop onto the changing table and Sam gets a diaper out and diapers him. The rest of the kids get diapered. You're the last to get diapered, Sam says, "Come over here so I can diaper you." You're choice?



Place holder question



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