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Would You Survive My Future Novel

Take this quiz if you're bored it is supposed to be fun and it is accurate. Find out if YOU could survive my future novel.


One day, your parents are arguing and suddenly, you hear your mom shouting, "We can NOT put(your name) in foster care!" and after many murmurs you hear her say, "I guess we have to." What do you do?



Based off of your past decision which of these would have happened?



If you chose to confront your parents, what would you do?



If you ran away, and you got sucked into another dimension, when eating "wild raspberries" what would you do?



You're in the new dimension and suddenly you hear a weird sound behind you, what do young do?



You turn around to growls and see an adorable puppy, what do you do?



If you chose stay home, what would you do if your mother said, "Guess What our argument in secret language meant we're getting a pet!



If you chose run away, what would you do after finding the puppy?



After a whole day of doing what you chose to do in the last question, it starts getting dark what do you do?



You made it through the night and you have one goal, what is it?



You finally find a portal back to Earth, what do you do?



You come right back to your house and no time has passed, in the morning your mom tells you that you will get a pet, how do you react?


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