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Would you survive you favorite story???

You’re chilling at home reading/watching a movie when you hear a noise, suddenly your swept into the movie/book you were just reading/watching! Will you try to leave or will you stay? Will you go find the main character, or are you more of a villainous type? How will you handle things?


You’re at home and things are kinda boring. Suddenly you hear a strange noise coming from you phone. How do you react?



After a second you decided to reach for your phone, right as you grab it you get sucked in! You feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland, but it’s much scarier in real life! How do you react?



After what feels like forever you hit solid ground, strangely enough you aren’t hurt by the impact. You take in you surroundings and promptly realized you in your favorite story!



After a moment you realize you know the perfect character to help you...



You set off to find your chosen character! It’s going to be a long journey, what is you ideal transportation? (Ps, please pick something appropriate for your story :))



You now have your transportation, assuming you didn’t choose to hoof it. As you keep going you soon realize you very VERY lost. What do you do?



You’ve been trying to find a main road or anyone to tell you where to find your character for nearly an hour, but suddenly you feel like someone/something is watching you... You only barely turn in time to see a nearby bush shake. Quick what do you do!



It’s your character! Be honest, did you kill/mortality injure them?



(For those of you who DID NOT hurt your character) Your thrilled to see them. It turns out they thought you were an enemy and were about to attack you, how wild is that!



They also seem to know why your here! Better yet they know how to send you back... do you want to go home?



Now that all this is over, describe how you life is afterwards! (Your answer won’t effect the test)


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