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Get to know me a little better

Yes it is me Funtime Wolfie/Death Wish. I'm only making this so you can get to know me better. And just pick whatever answer you want. on each question. And PLEASE! Don't worry about your score, it doesn't really count in this quiz. I really want the people who take my quizzes to get to know me a little bit better.


Okay so first thing about me, is I, LOVE wolves,FNAF,BATIM and Creepypasta



Next, I have an Xbox 360 and an Xbox one



I'm a red belt decided in Taekwondo and am heading for my black rec. on the 6th of December 2019



I am addicted to YouTube,drawing,video games,Gacha Life and llamas.



I'm a little tall for my age(which is 11 as of Saturday November 23 2019)and I am very flexible.



I love music and my favorite songs are Courtesy Call,Fake Love(BTS),Echo,Bad Apple and Sarcasm



My FNAF crushes are Shadow Freddy,Springtrap and Golden Freddy(the male version)



I am female if you couldn't tell



I'm 11 and I can't swim...don't judge me...



My favorite foods are mashed potatoes,lamb and pizza.



My CP crushes are Jeff,Ben,Liu,Clockwork and Toby.



My ONLY BATIM crush is Sammy Lawrence....*sighs in love*



I'm a red head! Naturally, no my hair isn't dyed and if I ever do dye my hair it will only be the tips.



I draw a lot of Gacha Life,anime and animals. My favorite style is anime though.



My favorite games are anything Creepypasta, FNAF and BATIM. I own one FNAF game(FNAF AR) and I have BATIM for my Xbox



I have 3 cousins. I seem to be squished in between all of them because the first two are 8 and 9 WHILE THE OTHER IS 20!



My favorite Youtubers are RageElixer, Game Theory, Markiplier, jacksepticye, Pewdiepie and Denis



My favorite song artists are Rockit Gaming, TryHardNinja, CG5, Dolvondo and The Living Tombstone



And lastly, I have a huge spark for singing. Idrc what people say about my voice because I like it(sorta)



Okie dokie that's it for me. I'm trying to figure out if I should do a cosplay of Alice Angel or some BATIM character for Halloween next year. Anyways later~


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