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Do you know FNaF 1-5 characters?

I will give you clues about what the character looks like and even some of its backstory, and you have to select one of the options to take your guess. If you don't know a character that is listed, you might not be FNaF experienced enough to get this quiz correct, but even if you don't, you can always just look it up! :)


This character is the main attraction of the restaurant! He's a brown animatronic with a black tophat and bowtie, equipped with a microphone.



This character's colors are mainly pink and white. It's the break apart/put back together attraction. It has red rosy cheeks and a missing eye.



This animatronic is the most active on the first night in the first game. He's purple in color, with a red bowtie.



This character is hated by most players, and is the first humanoid animatronic in the game series. He disables your flashlight when he enters the office.



This animatronic is a fan-favorite! He hides out behind his curtain, slowly peeking out as the game goes on.



This character is one with a long backstory to it. Its appearance is old and ragged, with a faded green color. Rumors say that someone died inside of the suit after a springlock malfunction...



This character can be seen dancing with Ballora on her showstage.



This character looks plastic and has a glossy light blue exterior. It wields a red electric guitar prop.



This character is a jumbled mess of animatronic parts, but has a funny clown mask on at least...



This character is glossy white and pink, with a black tophat and a hand puppet of another animatronic.



This character has a long snout with many razor-sharp teeth in it. Its beady yellow eyes look out at you from where it hides in your closet...



This character multiplies on your bed behind you if you don't check on it enough!



This character is yellow, with a bib that reads "Let's Eat!!!"



Now, let's see if you really know FNaF! (This is just a fun question that doesn't matter.)
Who is known as the "King of Five Nights at Freddy's" for being the first YouTuber on camera to defeat the 20/20/20/20 custom night?



Was this quiz alright? It was my first!


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