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Guess The Video Game Song! (Fanmade!)

Hello! Welcome to the quiz. You'll have to guess the song by the lyrics.
Credit to the creators Fandroid! The Musical Robot, Man On The Internet and DAGames for making these songs.
No cheating / Looking up the song.
Yeah, that's it really.


Okay, hello. Just here to explain the rules which are:
No looking up the song.
Okay, guess the song from the lyrics! You have to get the games correct as well, though. We'll start on the next question.



Sammy Lawrence,
What are you gonna do to me?
Oh no!
Sammy Lawrence, am I another one of your sheep?
I can see the ink dripping
From behind the mask
I can feel my life slipping...
and that's when he asked:
"Can i get an amen?"



I can't decide how she should die
Gasoline, poisoning or social suicide...
Don't look at me!
I'm just a school girl
Stimulating feelings
Like a demon in the real world!



Leave me be
Say goodbye.
You can't help,
why must you try?
Why must you
Stay with me?
Your battle's won
Go with your family!



I'll paint the town
In different hues
Cover my tracks
With my own goo! Please take this gift
From me to you
And shoot...
And shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot,shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot!
All the splatter formed a pattern,
A pattern on the floor.
And the floor formed an ocean:
An ocean that's at war.
All the fighting
It's exciting
And now let's check the score!
We're going hard in the paint!



Outlaw, Bourbon-Drinking,
Gunslinging, Justice-Bringing
Straight-Shooting son of a gun
He's a no-good galivanting
Peacekeeping vigilante
Train-hopping man on the run.



Get lit like Litten.
Get lit like Litten.



Joey? Joey? Joey are you listening?
It's Henry, buddy. Lately I've gone missing.
And Suzie's crazy! She's crazy and she hates me!
But Allison... Allison you saved me!
Thomas? Norman? Bendy did you hurt them?
And Lacie? Bertram? Carousel internment
And Wally? Where's he? I hope that he got outta here.
Nowhere to run. Allison~!



I've been long asleep now
It's time for me to play!
But to your dismay
This isn't your day.
For the happy fun time has begun to fade.
Watch as I control,
You and those that you abandoned.
You're regretting
And forgetting
That you can't go back and change!



They have sent you a letter
to come back home to play
But to your dismay
This isn't your day.
For the happy fun time has begun to fade.
Watch as we reanimate
Our corpses you abandoned


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