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Could you survive a house fire?

I never know what to put here...


You awaken in a room, the last thing you remember is getting knocked out by a person wearing a black hoodie, you feel very uncomfortable and hot, the floor is very hot and you think you hear wood burning... what will you do?



You decided to try the door, the doorknob burns your hand when you tried to open it.



You gotten the door opened, as you walked through the hallway the floor has broken!



You landed on the floor, as you got back up you noticed you're in another room, there is a bunch of debris that's on fire.



you got out of the room and started running towards the exit, suddenly there's a piece of floor that's about to crush you!



(If you dodged the fallen roof part you catched on fire) you make your way to the exit until you realized the doors are on fire...



You're in the kitchen and you noticed a little boy was on the floor, he still has a pulse!



(If you woke the boy up he panicked and ran away) There's a hole in the wall that leads to another room, you decided to crawl through and noticed there's a opening in the wall in the room.



Debris has fallen and closed the opening...



(If you gotten crushed, you're badly injured) You looked around and seened a window.



The window looks like it can break, what will you use?



You broke the window and got out, a bunch of firefighters and two adults came to the house, the adults say "where's our child?"


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