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Could you be my friend?

Are you eligible to be my friend? Find out with mah quiz! Its just for fun 🤓😁 Please be honest, no one will know your answers anyway. Some of the scenarios actually happened in my life. (Some of the real answers might not be what you think.)


Theres two minutes remaining in your math tests and you have 2 questions left. The person beside you has finished. You:



Someone falls down at lunch and their spaghetti splatters on the popular, rich, stuck-up girl in your grade. You:



You hear that your friend group all cheated on the Spanish test. They ask if you did. You:



Your crush and his friends are playing spin the bottle 'the christian version'. (Means you high-five). They ask if you want to join. You:



On Wednesday night at church, you and your best friend are walking around after class and you walk in the lady's lounge. The teenage girls are playing 'intense' truth or dare. You:



Your friend asks you to the movie theater, her dad's taking her to see Incredibles 2. They're getting back at 12:00 AM. You:



Your playing a game online and someone asks what state you live in. You say:



Someone calls you an idiot. You:



Your little sister bites you. You:



You finally got your parents to get your moms old phone fix so you can use it. The first thing you do:



Someone calls you and its not any number you know. You:


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