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Would you survive a school lockdown?

Oh no. Somebody broke into the school looking to kill Mr. Goatfacè! Will you survive?


"Activate lockdown, activate l-" before the principal could finish, you hear her muffled screams fade into the background. Your math teacher, Mrs. Dreemurr, quietly ushers you to the back corner away from the windows. Suddenly, the man carrying a knife, a hatchet, and a gun, breaks the door down. What do you do?



If you chose anything but answer 2 on the last question, you are dead. Are you still alive?



(If you're dead, you're alive again now): You hear gunshots and screams as blood splatters onto the vent opening. Your best friend screams and the killer is alerted to your location. He starts chasing you through the vents. Where do you go now?



(If you chose outside or home room, u r a very ded boi). Are you dead yet?



(If you died, you're back in the game now): You go to that room and hide in a back room. Then, you go through another vent and move around like Springtrap. Eventually, you get lost, and realize your only hope is the janitor's closet. You crawl into the cramped space and realize there are many weapons here. What do you take?



If you chose anything but all of the above, you are dead. How did it go?



(If you died, you're back in the game): You sneak back to the cafeteria and grab three butcher knives, a couple of forks, and a cafeteria tray to defend with. Suddenly, the killer yells, "I'LL KILL EVERYONE IN THIS SCHOOL BEFORE I STOP HUNTING YOU, ALBERT!" Then, you realize it's Mr. Goatfacè he's after. Suddenly, he turns around and spots you. What now?



(If you chose run or defend):{you try to run/defend, but you are forced to fight}. He shoots, but you dodge, and now it's your turn. You spray the can at the killer's face and light the match, causing it to explode. At the last second, your best friend pulls you behind the cafeteria tray. He is knocked back and temporarily blinded, so you run. Where now?



If you chose gym, you died. What happened?



(If u die, u r automatically revive): You hide in that place for awhile, but you eventually decide that the bathrooms are probably the safest place to go. You all run in and lock the door behind you. You awkwardly fall on your crush, and another boy who was also hiding in the bathrooms gives you a weird look. All of a sudden, a bullet shoots through the heavy steel door. You all huddle up, including the random boy, and hope for the best. What do you do now?



*You automatically choose all of the below*: Your friend's crush grabs the cafeteria tray, your crush grabs the broomstick, your other best friend(s) grab the butcher knives, your other best friend's crush(es) grab corrosive chemicals/explosives, and you grab the forks. You offer one to the random kid, but he already has a stick from outside. The killer drives his hatchet through the door. He drives it through again, and this time he can reach the doorknob. Just before he can open the door, your freshly-kissed crush drives the broom through the bullet hole and jabs him in the belly. He gets even more ANGERY and successfully opens the door. What do you do?



(If you didn't pick answer 2, you died but are back in the game). As soon as he opens the door, your best friends' crushes splash him in corossive chemicals. He screams and calls for reenforcements. You stab one with a fork, and everyone the random kid somehow stabs him with da stick. Your crush stabs the other one, and he dies. You manage to successfully kill the first guy, but the fork/stick guy remains alive. He pulls a gun and shoots the random kid, but he doesn't seem to care.he punches the dude in the guts and closes the door on his hand. He runs away. You didn't bother to look at him before, but now you realize it is your sibling (if you are an only child, congrats, here is your long lost brother/sister). What now?



If you picked nothing, you are dead. How did it go?



(If you died you are alive): Now, the final killer goes onto the intercom-"I will kill everyone in this school." You shiver. Suddenly, your crush asks to talk to you in private. What do you say?



Your crush tells you he has a humongous crush on you and that they love you. You tell them you love them back. Suddenly, your friends/friend crushes are like, "uh, we gotta go!" The last dude is now shaking the door. You scramble up into the vent and rapidly crawl around. Where to now?



If you chose anywhere else, you die of fear after you see hundreds of dead bodies littering the floor. So, what happened?



(If you died, you are alive again): Finally, the killer gets the door to the bathrooms open and corners you. You left all your weapons in the girl's bathroom...what now?



Suddenly, everyone punches the guy at once. But it wasn't amazing enough. He's still awake. Suddenly...YOU ALL TRANSFORM INTO YOUR OC'S!!! You all use your special powers and almost kill the guy! You revert back into your original forms and the police arrive. They get mostly everyone home safely, except for the unlucky Mrs. Dreemurr (Sans and Asgore ain't gonna' be too happy about that). :,( But, on a high note, you did save everyone else in the school! :D Everyone kisses their crush one more time and go on their ways. What will you do now? (All of them have equal points):



Final question-how good was this test on a scale of 1-10? (Does not affect score):


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