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Does he like me Quiz 6th-8th Grade

Middle school is hard when you have a crush. Im a 7th grader and im a relationship exlert ive been told that by other relationship experst that are 20 years old. This is for grade 6 - 8 grade . girls get out a pencil and pare and write down some notes


Does he point his toes at you when you guys talk or hes near you or does he has you back to you and dosent pay any attention to you



Is he nervous around you



Does he fidget?



Does he look at you then make his appearance better?



Is he jeoulos when you talk to other friends and gets sad when you flirt with his friends



Honestly do you think he likes you



Has he ever smiled at you or stared at you you catch him and he looks away



Is he Shy if not dies he do anything from choices 5 down ( if hes shy check correct if hes not shy Question 5 is the correct answer)



If you hugged him he would



He has


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