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Am I fat for a 15 year old male?

I wanna know if i'm fat from people I don't know.


Hi, I'm 15, 155 pounds and 5"9. What am I?



This is me sitting, my belly hangs over all sides and slightly touches my legs and sides, what am I?



My moobs hang over a bit. What am I?



I have a bit of a double chin. What am I?



This is me standing, what am I?



My finger goes this far into my belly, what am I?



This is me wearing a shirt I got last Summer. What am I?



This is me in my PE clothes. During PE, I usually get picked 3rd or 2nd to last for teams, can't do more than 2 push ups before collapsing and can't more more than 200-300 metres without stopping for breath. What am I?



When me and my friends go out to eat, they usually get me to eat most of their food as well as my own. I usually have an adults starter, main and pudding. What am I?



I have a 36' waist and 34' hip. What am I?



Overall, how fat am I?


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