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Naruto Season 2 Test

All questions are regarding the second season of Naruto, let's see how much you actually know. (test created by: aaronnotaaron)


What happens if too many Genin make it through Stage 2 of the Chunin Exams?



Which character forfeits, and doesn't partake in the preliminaries?



Kakashi bluffs and threatens another character, but later admits he could not kill this character on his own. Which character did he threaten when he ran into him?



Which character tries to kill a member of their team?



What character suffers injuries bad enough for a medical ninja to rule that they'd never be able fight as a ninja again?



During the cool down month leading up to the Final Stage of the Chunin Exam, who trains Naruto?



How does Naruto end up summoning Gamabunta?



Which character in season two is revealed to be a Jinchuriki (human with a tailed beast sealed inside them)?



What is the name of the technique Sasuke uses to pierce through Gaara's sand shield?



What clan attacks Konohagakure?


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