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Would U rather + Will U press the button

First off: Please, consider the title "Would you rather and will you press the button". Writing "U" instead of "You" is not in my style, but this time, I made an exception, because otherwise it would not have fit the limit for characters in the title.

The "Would you rather" game and the "Will you press the button" game have something in common - they are games for dilemmas of choice. However , they differ . In the "Would you rather" game the player chooses an option, while in the "Press the button" game, the player decides if to press an imaginary button, to realize at the same time one downside and one upside.

So, I decided that it would be interesting, if I made a test, which combined these game. In this quiz, the WYR questions and the WYPB questions tie in terms of number. Firstly, there will be WYR questions, and then - WYPB questions. :-)

All question in this quiz have equal weight.

Have fun! I hope you will find it interesting. :-)

No matter what rating
You will give after taking,
And whatever your result is,
Thank you for taking this quiz! :-)

A test by: Ivo Atanasov, an autistic man from Bulgaria, South-East Europe. :-)


"Would you rather" part of the quiz

Would you rather have a well ripened fruit which is not amongst your favorites, or a mediocre one, which is from your favorite sort of fruit?



Would you rather sleep on a softer pillow, or on a less soft pillow?



Would you rather eat fruits or drink juice of fruit?



Would you rather
be very tolerant to other nations at the risk of being considered a national traitor,
be very patriotic at the risk of being considered a chauvinist ?



Would you rather
have someone who likes you 7/10 , but likes you more than all other people, (which would mean that he liked all other people less than 7/10),
have someone , who likes you 9/10, and likes all other people 10 / 10 ?



Would you rather determine the specifics of my style of writing nearer to the british English, or to the American English?



"Will you press the button" part of the quiz

You will find a video of a very beautiful song, and you will like its melody so much, that you will feel like you have found your favorite song for all time,
The video for the song will be ugly and awful for looking at.

Will you press the button?



You will have a very enjyoable holiday at a place of your dreams,
Your way to there will take you a lot of time.

Will you press the button?



Others will respect you very much,
It will be for something you do not really put emphasis on.

Will you press the button?



You will be able to turn into any animal of your choice,
You will not be able to choose an animal you have chosen to turn into , over the last one year or over the last thirty times of using this ability.

Will you press the button?



A golden fish will make a very strong desire, wish or dream of yours to come true,
You will have to look after the fish for the rest of its life.

Will you press the button?



You will be very handsome or beautiful (according to your gender), when you are a human
You will turn into a cockroach for one random hour every day.

Will you press the button?



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