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Would you be a good babysitter?

Your task is to make choices in babysitting scenarios with the three kids. Have fun!!!:)


The parents arrive with the kids. What do you ask the parents?



How much do you charge?



The parents have left. What is the first thing you do?



Task 1: Make lunch. What do you make?



Task 2: Mandy dance class. What do you do? (The boys want to stay home.)



Task 3: Car. You are in the car but Mandy and Chris are fighting over the phone which belongs to Chris. What do you do?



Task 4: Dinner. The parents gave you some money and told you to take the kids out for Dinner. Where do you take them?



Task 5: Entertainment. It is 5:40pm. Bills bedtime is 6:00pm. Mandy wants to watch TV before her bedtime and Chris wants to play video games in his room but his parents only let him have 1 hour per day. What do you do?



Task 6: Bedtime. Bill is asleep. Chris is going to bed early. It is now bedtime for Mandy but she is refusing to put her PJs on. She wants to watch the last 10 minutes of her show. What do you do?



Task 7: Morning. 8:00. Bill is asleep and the parents have asked you to not wake him. The other two are awake and want breakfast. What do you make them?



The parents have come to collect the children. What do you do now?


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