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Would You Be Discovered as a Werewolf?

You just turned into a werewolf! Oh gosh! You need to keep it a secret! Can you do that?


It's a full moon! Your best friend walks up to you in school.
"Hey (your name), wanna have a sleepover tonight?", she/he asks. You say...



It's a full moon again. The most popular girl/guy in school walks up to you.
"Hey (your name). There's a party tonight, wanna come?". You say...



You're bored and hunting in the forest. Then you see hunters. What do you do?



You're in the forest the night of a full moon in wolf form. You see a little girl crying. What do you do?



Let's say your best friend knows about you. Some people in school are discussing whether werewolves are real or not. Your best friend gets really angry.
"Umm, excuse me. Werewolves are so real!", she/he shouts.
"What're you a werewolf?", one of the other kids laughs.
"My be-", she starts, but you drag her away. The kids follow you.
"What're you guys werewolves?", the same kid mocks.
"She's not...I am", you say and attack the kids. What do you do later?



In school, someone mentions werewolves. Your teacher says they're not real. You start to get angry. Your best friend (who knows about you and sits next to you) whispers to you, "Your eyes are turning red". You feel the tip of your wolf ears start to stick out of your head. What do you do?






You are the leader of your pack. A beta informs you that one of your pack members have been captured by scientist and is being tested on. What do you do?



There's a mandatory school event that you must go to on the night of a full moon. How do you prevent yourself from going?



You suspect the new girl in your class is a werewolf. Do you confront her?



Also, check out the cred and check out Stevie1da on youtube! (Will not affect result). If you don't know where it is, it's in the bottom right corner if you scroll all the way down once you get your results.


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