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Am I fat ?

Hey, I wanna know what you think. I am a young adult female and I want to know if people think I am fat.


This is how much my belly sticks out when standing straight (about 2 inches). (If the pictures upside down or not there I'm really sorry, im not good with technology) Am I ...



This is my belly when sitting straight. Am I ...



I am female and 5 foot 2 inches. From the pictures, how much do you think I weigh ?



This is my thigh when resting in the air (as in when it appears thinnest). (I don't know if the pictures coming up on this one - If not then it isn't 24 inches round the top and the pic shows it with a couple of inches wide of fat sagging underneath Am I ...



At a guess, what size clothes would you think I am ? (U.K. Sizes given - to convert from US, add four e.g. US size 0 = UK size 4)



When I sit and lean forward (not fully bending over) I have two large belly rolls and two small ones. Am I ...



When I stand, I have a muffin top about an inch hanging over at the front and the sides. Am I ...



I have stretch marks like this ( not sure if you can see but they're white and the best way I can describe them is looking like the skin is tearing) all over my upper arms, calves and thighs. I also have thicker, darker ones on my stomach, back, love handles and upper thighs. Am I ...



I can grab a handful of fat on each of my love handles and easily two handfuls on my stomach (it would probably be at least three or four but I only have two hands soooo...). Am I ...



If we were friends and in a social situation I casually said I was fat, what would you say ? (As in what would you realistically say, like the kind of things you think but wouldn't say becuase social convention says not to)



I have ripped the seams in several pairs of trousers that once fit me fine. Am I ...



I can't touch my toes. (Partly because my stomach gets in the way, mostly because I'm incredibly inflexible). Am I ...



On multiple occasions (like once a month) I have eaten so much that the jeans I was wearing went from slightly loose to straining at the seams and once the button ripped off. At these times, I eat fast and consistently high calorie foods for over an hour. Am I ...



My bum is covered in cellulite and hands down to touch the backs of my thighs by at least a centimetre, probably more. Am I ...



When I eat (like a normal amount), my belly usually looks like it is at least six months pregnant (to clarify, an average weight person showing normally st six months pregnant). Am I ...



My thighs touch when I stand with my feet close together (up to 1 - 2 inches apart) and stay touching no matter how I angle my hips / feet. (And I have wide hips so a thigh gap would be possible). Am I ...



When sitting straight, I can put half a finger in my belly button / the gap between my two rolls. ( and I have very long fingers). Am I ...



If I said I was 110 lbs (just a hypothetical, I like playing with numbers), what would your reaction be ? (Again, the guy instinct reaction)



If I said I was 125 lbs, what would your reaction be ?



Should I gain or lose weight to be healthy ? (Bit vague since I never told you my weight but you're smart so you probably guessed close enough)



Have you enjoyed this quiz ? (Does not affect score)


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