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Epic Scenarios

I have come up with 10 interesting scenarios for you to think about. Maybe they will happen in real life, who knows? This is also kind of like would you rather.


Your crush is hanging off of a cliff and you want to save her, but a man with guns and melee weapons is guarding her. What would you do?



You get trapped in some maniac's lair. There are two ways to get out. A window guarded by venomous snakes, or a loose floorboard with poisonous spiders under it. Which way would you choose?



A man is robbing a bank. Which one would you choose? Be heroic and stop the guy, or run out of the bank and save your life.



You have a test in one day. You want to study, but you want to go to that football game. Which one would you do?



You want to be popular, but you also want to be trustworthy. To be popular, you must lie. To be trustworthy, you must tell the truth. Which one would you choose?



You are about to get beat up by the biggest kid in school. You are tiny. Would you fight him or flee?



You have a chance to go on a cruise to a bad place, and you have a chance to go to a really nice place but walk really far. Which one would you choose?



You are in a falling elevator and you will definitely break a bone. Would you want to break your arm, or break your leg?



There are two free books on the bookshelf. You can read a J.K. Rowling book or a Stephen King book. Which one would you read?



Your best friend is a fan of your least favorite sports team, but your least favorite friend is the only one who likes the same team as you. Stick with your friend, or make friends with that other guy.


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