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Are You A Good Story Writer?

Are you a good story writer AKA book author? Find out! These answers are just for fun and are not real, if you do bad but have a passion for writing don't think twice about this! Questions will include how you feel about writing, your spelling and grammar, and your juicy story's! Thanks for looking at the test it means a lot to me!


First things first, how do you feel about writing?



Next, do you like to read books?



What do you consider a good story? (any idea earns you a lot of points! as long as its an idea at all!)



how's your grammar skills?



How's your spelling?



I don't know what to add I have to have 10 questions on this quiz lol. (answers don't give you any points except for one)



find the right phrase to get you points!



what do you want to be in life?



Did you like this test?



I hope you liked the quiz! Bye! (it was my first quiz!)


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