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Dont laugh challenge (hard)

You are taking a quiz about not get tickled by the quiz


Somebody pees in front of the classroom what do you do?



Somebody is showing their butt in a stadium what do you do?



In a talent show ten girls wave at people because the restrooms are in the open what do you do



You get a 0 percent everyone stares, what do you do?



If somebody farts what do you do?



Lets say you are noob what do you say to a pro when they show their Butt?



A story problem: Once opon a time, you and a pack of nerds fall into dynamite what is your responce?



Heres a song of micheal jackson Give me 10 more chance show me that I hate you why dont you let me back in yo ugly butt!



One more song I made it I think you should die because of a Noob and fart on yo Birthday cake and fart 10 secands



Did you hate the test If Oppisite i will make number two!


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