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In this test, you will be answering some brainteasers. The questions will go from simple to expert. Good luck.


A plane crashes between the border of the USA and Mexico. Where are the survivors buried?



A KitKat cost a dollar more than a Nerds. You buy both at a price of $1.10. What is the price of the Nerds?



You're in a dark and cold room. You have one match. There is a stove, a fireplace, and a oil lamp. Which do you light first?



There is a one story house. EVERYTHING is red. The walls, the floor, the TV, even the dog is red! What color are the stairs?



Two boys were born on the same day, on the same second, on the same month, on the same year, to the same mother, yet they are NOT twins. How is this possible?



What five letter word becomes shorter when you add 2 letters to it?



What is at the end of everything?



You need me, but give me away everyday. What am I?



I'm bought to eat, but never eaten. What am I?



What word is written incorrectly in the dictionary?


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