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Take this if you need to pee!!!

I am called Rowan-andie and would like to share this quiz with you guys. If you do not need to pee then leave!!!


How much do you need to pee???



Task 1 ---
Push hard as if taking a poop (bonus if you poop)



Task 2 ----
You need to let a dribble of pee out but then stop. How wet are u??



Task 3 ----
Sit on the toilet with pants on (even if your a boy) and dont pee. How hard was it??



Press your bladder onto the edge of a hard surface for 1 minute. relax all muscles (dont stop yourself if you nearly pee)



This part of the quiz is where it get very very hard and you will probably pee. DO NOT STOP YOURSELF IF YOU PEE!!!!!



Now let out a dribble of pee into a cup. save this for later...



Now drink a large cup of water very fast.



Now let out all your pee in your pants!!



Will you like??? Have you peed??? Affects Score!!!!


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