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How well do you know HTTYD

This quiz will determine if you know How to train your Dragon as well as you think, good luck all to all dragon trainers!


What animal is Toothless based off of?



What is Hiccups least favorite food? Hiccup: C'mon that's to easy. Fawn:not really, you don't like a lot of stuff. Hiccup:...true



What is Hiccups age in Dragons Race to the Edge? Hiccup: again to easy. Fawn: not really, some people might not have watched it yet, or caught it yet
Hiccup:...good point



Who is the first character we meet in the first movie? Hiccup:good question



What is Toothless's original design?



how many times has astrid physically abused or pointed her ax at Hiccup before(ugh)kissing him? Hiccup: Why ugh? Fawn:explains the whole Hate astrid fandoms and thier relationship. Hiccup:oh...never thought of it that way



Who was not an original Character in the HTTYD movie and T.V.series, who was the orginal character?



Where exactly does Race to the edge take place in the first episode?



How many new dragons do Hiccup and His friends discover in Race to the Edge season one?



True or False: Hiccup most starts to cry when Toothless gets shot by an arrow in time to skrill, Race to the edge


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