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Would you survive a school lockdown

Take this test to see if its possible that ud survive a school lockdown-would you


A lockdown has been anounced at school during the middle of art class, what do u do



You and your friend Ashley and Mae hear footsteps in the hallway. How to react



It was your crush!!!! He joins you and you guys create a plan to



You and Ashley are in the janitor's closet, you hear footsteps. Its the killer



If you chose answers 1, 3, or 5 ur dead. if 4 Ashley's dead. Your face to face with the killer. Ashley ran away or is dead



If you chose 2 ur dead. Your hiding in the bathroom and your chrush storms in. He says the art teacher got killed and the boy's room is blocked. He turs off the lights.



You two are in a stall. It is very small. Your squished against each other.



The killer opens the door.your crush kisses you



Face to face with the killer again



You and your crush escape. You left ur phone in the artroom. get it?



If u picked 3 ur dead. if you picked 2 u have ur phone. its 3% charged. who to call



If 1, ur dead. 2 or 3 the police came and the guy was aarested. did u like this test? wont count against


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