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Would you survive a school fire?

So, your at school, you know, just doing some boring ol' work.
Then, the fire alarm goes off. All the teachers run and leave all the students for DEAD. The fire is spreading..... Only your class remains...


Ok first things first. How old are you?



What school/year group are you in



Where are you when the fire alarm goes off?



Ok now for the good part: So you were in (whatever class you were in at the time) and the fire alarm goes off. You can't see any smoke or fire. What do you do?



All of the teachers are running outside. They tell you to stay inside. You?



One of the boys walk around the school. When he returns, he is as pale as a ghost. He explains what he saw. Fire, smoke and bodies. Sprawled everywhere. There dead. How do you respond?



The smoke is entering your classroom. You see the door burning down.



Your bff grabs the fire extinguisher of (whoever had it) and stays the fire. But the fire is too strong. You grab the guy/girl you hate and put him/her in front of your bestie.Your bestie....



You turn around and everyone is dying because of smoke inhalation. You grab as many people as you can. You find a ladder, lying next to someone. The person is still alive! You...



So your up on the roof. It's only you, your bestie and 3 other people. Just then, you realise your bestie HAS A PHONE!



Your bestie turns on her phone, but it only has 2%. You've gotta make the call quick. You make the call, but who do you call?



Who ever you called arrived. Did they save you?


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