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Would u survive a school lockdown?

would you survive a random school lockdown? would u survive with a killer in the room??


It's right after lunch and you're in science class. Suddenly, the PA system says there's a school lockdown and that it's NOT a drill! What do you do?



Everyone is hiding under the tables when suddenly there's a knock on the door. Nobody answers. Then you hear fists pounding on the door madly. Oh no! The killer is breaking down the door! You...



Ahh! The door breaks down and a dark voice says, "Come out, kiddies!" Sweat rolls down your face. Then you hear the click sound of a gun...



You, a couple friends, and your teacher hide in the bathroom stalls. Then the killer comes into the bathroom! You hear gunshots, and then screams. Your friend is trying to dodge bullets!



You and the others run out of the bathroom. Your teacher and your friends get outside, but you are still in. Then you hear someone whispering, "Over here!" It's your crush! They're hiding under a table.



AHHHH! The killer is chasing you and your crush down the hall! You're on the first floor and near the doors, so you...



You jumped out the window. You pull out your cell phone and call...



The police are here! You...



Pretty soon, everything is normal again. Sort of. The killer was found dead. He apparently commit suicide. Your teacher is...



your crush is...



your friends are...


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