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Does Jeff the killer like you?

Okie dokie! Welcome to my first quiz with my friend and my enemy, Jeff the killer! I'm curious to know if he like you or not! Lets fine out!


Me: Hey, I'm smiley! Sew smiley! And this is my first quiz! Also say hello to Jeff!
Jeff: yo.
Me: *whispers* He's grumpy today, so be careful.



Me: Jeff, ask a question.
Jeff: fine. Weapon of choice?
Me: ok.



Me: ok!
Jeff: smiley, you ask one.
Me: ok. Do you like to smile?
Jeff: no.
Me: I wasn't asking you Jeff! So shut it!
Jeff: go to sleep.
Me: smile.



Me: Jeff!
Jeff: WHAT!!!
Me: ask something.
Jeff: ok. Am I beautiful?
Me: yes.
Jeff: thanks.



Jeff: do you like smile dog?
Me: yup!



Jeff: where do you live?
Me: *giggles and whispers* creeper.
Jeff: what was that?!
Me: nothing! Hehe.



Jeff and I: do you like waffle!?



Jeff: this is fun!
Me: yeah! How about you Y/N? Is this fun?



Me: so, Jeff ask a question.
Jeff: out of idea.
Me: so, how about favorite color?
Jeff: sure.



Me: we have to go now.
Jeff: yeah, bye.
Both of us: FREEBIE!!!!!!!!


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