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Creepypasta life

Chose ur life as a creepy pasta, make "friends" and choose weather the path. This has many questions and a series of "results."


U r walking home from school and the path u normally take runs through the woods. U here a rustling and u...



U choose to investigate and u walk off the path to investigate. U get a sudden headache and sit down. U see a creepy pasta. Who is it?



U see Jeff and smile.dog u...



U run off and he just watches. u get home. do u...



If u tell ur guardian they say it must be the light playing tricks on u because creepypastas r not real. if u keep 2 urself u just go into ur room and cant stop thinking about him. what do u do?



That night(if u did not commit scuicide) u here ur window open. u look over and see nothing. what do u do?



U scream and a hand clams down on ur mouth. what do u do?



U bite the hand and it lets go
"sh*t" u turn and see jeff and smile dog. what do u do?



U scream and jeff hits u over the head with the handle of his knife, knocking u out. When u wake up u see a white featureless face over u. what do u do?



U wake up and u see slendy talking to Jeff.
"I told u to retrieve the new member not hit her."slendy
"She just screamed and screamed. she was gonna get the cops called!"Jeff
ur head starts to hurt.



a figure steps out from the corner of the room.me."Boys, shes awake." the boys turn and jeff gets a bit red.
"Sorry for hitting u"



Slenderman leads u into the main room and tells u to introduce ur self. what is ur name?



TO BE CONTINUED!Did u like this rp quizz


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