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Which Sonic character are you By PKMN5Ds

Hello! So after being burned by so many sonic personality quizzes (although there are lots of well thought out ones) I decided to make a more down to earth one. That's right, no guarding the master emerald, no blowing up chiz, just easy and down to earth questions. Enjoy... and good luck! :D Oh, and I own none of the characters or artwork used. It all belongs to its resective owners.


Right... getting straight to it, what's your favorite Sonic game?



Moving on, what do you do in your free time?



Alright! Progress! Now onto movies... Out of the following 9 films/types of films, which do you like best?



Out of the following, which game series/type of game outside Sonic do you enjoy?



Halfway there! Mm k, so, describe yourself. (I know, urrgggh, but I gotta do it :p)



Alright, pick a super hero, any super hero!...wait...Ehm... from the following..? Please?



What do you go to first in a mall?



What's your favorite type of day?



Two more left! What's your favorite song (Or for some, genre...ish) out of these options?



Ok last one... it's said on every quiz... but I see now that they say it for a reason.... how'd you like this quiz?


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