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Should you get a cat?

Say you want to get a cat.. maybe not, you're just bored and taking random tests for fun. This test will tell you if you should get a cat or not. PLEASE BE HONEST ON TEST THEN YOU CAN RETAKE AND LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING OR SOME THINGS.


First, do you like cats?



What type of cat do you want the most out of these four? (DOES NOT AFFECT SCORE AT ALL)



What would you most likely call your cat?



Do you have experience dealing with cats or caring for them?



Do you know what to feed cats? BE HONEST. then you can take the test again and lie about this.



How much time would you spend with your cats?



do you think cats are cute?



Do you think black cats bring bad luck?



Do you hope this test says you should get a cat? DOES NOT AFFECT SCORE.



Last but not least, on a scale of 0 - 8 how much did you like this test? 0 - hate it more than anything and 8 - LOVE IT SO MUCH YAYYY MAKE MORE CAT TESTS
Does not affect score, again.


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