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Are You Ready For That Military Life?

I may be wrong or I may be right, but you might have some branch of the military supporting your school. You see the recruiter and his or her affiliates roaming the school halls spreading the word about all the goodness and great things the military has to offer. All the wonderful benefits and goals to achieve. Right? Well, if you've ever considered joining or what I mentioned above is true for your school or even if you're already an enlisted member or a veteran, though this test is not to be taken to heart, it may help you determine if you've got what it takes to serve in the military. One last thing, imagine a scenario of your own for each question. Good Luck!


Would you be willing to wait a minimum of 6 or more months in aganizing anticipation before finally "getting in" to do the job that you signed up to do?



Is your basic knowledge just enough to successfully pass a test ranging in a variety of subjects (i.e. vehicles, technology, mathematics, reading/language arts and sciences) that would determine the types of jobs you are qualified for in the military?



Would you be ready and willing to take a plane trip or a bus ride to a far away place where you'd be striped of your dignity and have your individualism and pride torn away in an instant as well as have all of your livelyhood questioned?



When you become an enlisted member in the armed forces, you will be subject to an insane amount of stress. A stress that you'll probably never be prepared for...



How responsible are you when it comes to owning and taking care of another's property; handling finances and keeping things clean and organized?



Much like school in general, especially High School, you will encounter people who will garner negative feelings towards you even if they pretend to like you on the outside. In all honesty, everyone will talk behind everybodies back. Competition is a huge factor in the workplace as well. Could you handle it?



At any time when the security of the United States is threatened, you may be called upon to defend the lives of others by putting your own life at stake. Can you agree to this?



Depending on your location and job, there will be opportunities for you to go all over the world to strange and exotic places. This will also involve a lot of paperwork, medical appointments, mental health checkups, and other chores that will need to be accomplished before taking that plane ride anywhere. Are you ready for the challenges ahead?



In the military, you will always be tested. Whether it is your integrity, your strength and most importantly, your job knowledge. If you don't know how to do the job, you could possibly ruin the career of another member just like you. Any and every job in the military will require you to process and store large amounts of information. Not to mention that you'll be given a physical exam every year that includes running, push-ups and sit-ups, even pull-ups. What do you think about this?



You will certainly meet a wide variety of people due to the military's acceptance of diversity. Not to mention that each person will offer a personality all their own, also shaped by their experiences of the military. As you probably already know from the way of the world, not everyone is good, not everyone bad. Can you also accept this?



If you a female, all of these questions and more will present new and remarkable challenges for you to encounter and overcome. You will undoubtedly encounter unrealistically bad things, as well as honorable good things. Are you prepared?



If you are a male, you will be a part of a team that is many strong. They will look upon you for many, many things and all of your successess will be idolized but, all of your failures, no matter how small, will be amplified. Are you prepared?



You will be devoting years of your life to a cause. A cause that you believe in now and may disregard later or a cause you don't really support now but will follow to support your own life. There are many situations. Would you be willing to devote years of your life, years of your youth, for something only you can determine was objectively good or bad (or in between)?



Remember, you will become a part of something greater in which you have no control in. You will be away from your family, friends, neighbors, etc for extended periods of time. Just about every facet of your normal life will no longer apply to you for an average of four years. Can you handle this?


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