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How Much Do you Know The NBA

How well do you know the NBA I know the NBA to much do you take this quiz all teams are asked maybe and good players and bad players no offense so this is a quiz to see how good you know the NBA Reminder:THAT THE QUIZ WILL GET HARDER BETWEEN QUESTIONS 1-5


Which player wears number 23 For the Cavs in 2014



Which team has won the most championships?



What's the Starting lineup For the Denver Nuggets
The quiz is going down to two answers for this question$



Who's the two Greatest NBA players from today to long ago



Who's played For these teams the cavs the mavericks and Washington bullets aka the wizards



What does NBA stand for



How tall is Yao ming Manute Bol and mougse bogues



Who owns the bob cats



Who holds the record for the most made three pointers in a three point shooting contest



Who avraged a career high with 61 points 23 rebounds played 45 minutes FG 24 of 35 69% freethrow 13 of 22 59% on his 28th Birthday



Did you like this Quiz!!! And did you get some questions right tell me
What right in the comments or something Answer option 1 and 3 will be wrong but you can count it correct



BOUNUS QUESTION?!!!!! Choose the answer that has 3 mystery D's that are in the teams names watch close !!!! Remember there could be Tricks!!!!$ It's not misspelled there mystery D's


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