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Which pokedex holder are you most like?

If you have not read the pokemon manga books, then go get them all and read your eyeballs off that head of yours before you take this test or you won't understand much, i guarantee it. I don't have Yellow in this, because I couldn't see her as more than an article of Snow White. WAY too dark for a test rated E for everyone. To help you understand who you will be rated based on if you choose all the answers to only one category, Red is all the first answers, Green is all the second, Blue is third, and so on. It's my first time making one of these test, so I'm sorry if it's a little or a lot messed up. Sue me. :P


If you could have one of any superpower, what would it be?



Who's your dream girl/boy?



If you could ask anyone any question, what would it be?



When you travel through time, what are you thinking?



What's bad weather to you?



What was your reaction when your school nurse defined "growing up"?



What's the weirdest thing you've ever searched on Google?



Harry Potter or Twilight, and why?



If you stayed up until 4:00 in the morning, what would you be doing?



Now that I can force you to think about it, would you rather watch 10 hours of cat yoga, or listen to nyan cat for 10 hours?


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