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Are you weak or brave?

When you take this test please be honest because you want to find out the truth right so this test is for fun so people find out there a wimp or brave so yeah!


Your hanging out with your friends and you see a giant spider



Your in your house and the news said there's a killer on the loose in your neighborhood



Oh no! You watched the video tape from the ring now the girl is about to come out of your tv



There's a zombie in your bedroom what would you do!



Scream just called you on the phone and he's right behind you



Your in the movie haunting in Connecticut 2 and the station master took your friend away !



You hear a sound and it's sounds like someone opening the bathroom door but your home alone !



Your friend dares you to say Bloody Mary in the Mary 5 times in the mirror what would you do!



Texsas chainsaw is behind you with his chainsaw



A ghost is in your room in the corner what do you do?


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