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Would You Survive My Haunted World?

Welcome to my world of horrors. Inside you will meet things you never have imagined possible. When you enter the door, you must forget about all but yourself. Remember to listen to only the green spirits. They will lead to your survival. Be wary of the glapas, an ancient species who will mislead you. Lastly, choose your answers truthfully. Good luck!!


What does the entrance to my world look like to you?



As you approach the entrance, you get...



You finally enter my world. Strange noises and objects appear around you. One of these objects catches your eye. A voice tells you to grab one object. You grab the...



Next, the voice says to choose a face that stands out to you.



A ghost pops up behind you. You...



The spirit turned out to be a green spirit. It points to the middle path and instructs you to take it, but you decide



The glapas is standing on the exit of the path you took. It tells you to go back where you came from. What do you do?



You see a light. Do you follow it?



Finally, let fate decide!



Did you like this quiz? (Don't worry this won't effect your score the green spirit says)


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